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Our new HIPAA secured web app portal is one of the safest and most efficient ways Sorogi supports you in your health and wellness. This online patient portal allows providers to send referrals for their patients to any of our chronic disease self-management education and support programs.

Providers can also track patients’ progress, review patient data such as blood glucose readings, monthly reports, and have valuable insight into challenges and gaps in care for their patients. Having all of your information in one convenient place means your care team can work more efficiently on your behalf.

This is a game-changer with a built-in follow-up process that minimizes disruptions in our office workflow and provides peace of mind for both patients and their healthcare providers. 

“Because we understand, we journey with you”

How Can the Portal Help Patients?

Our new portal isn’t just for providers. Our patients no longer need to keep track of paper referral forms!

Patients can also self-refer, sign up for classes, and take part in all our fun activities such as cooking demos, support groups, etc. In addition, you can share your wellness progress with anyone on your care team.

The portal is an additional component of having comprehensive help every step of the way. Having instant access to health records, your care team, and all of the other amazing support Sorogi offers our patients is just one of the many ways that Sorogi journeys with you.

Click below to create your portal account today!

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