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These are exciting times for Sorogi and pharmacists in the Washington, DC area.  We are excited to announce a partnership with DC Health’s Chronic Disease Division and to be a part of their capacity building program to develop strategies to increase the engagement of pharmacists to participate in enhanced medication counseling, management, and education with patients; particularly adults with diabetes.

At Sorogi, we believe everyone deserves a life free of the burdens of chronic illness.  We meet people wherever they are on their journey and together bridge the gaps in care for a healthy, more vibrant life.  We educate, support, and inspire people affected by chronic illness through innovative services and personalized tools, creating a path to better health.





Our team of highly committed Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialists, Dietitians, Lifestyle Coaches, and Pharmacists provide education and support tailored to meet the needs of our clients.  Communication and support are always ongoing for our clients and their healthcare team to ensure continuity of care.





We provide access to valuable resources that lessens the burden of living with a chronic health condition, sustains knowledge, and instills behavioral changes needed to improve overall health. 


Pathways to Healthy Living

for individuals

Sorogi educates and inspires individuals diagnosed with chronic conditions; our members learn to manage their conditions, overcome obstacles, and live their best lives.

for Healthcare organizations

Sorogi’s chronic care management services and training helps to bridge the gaps in care to promote better heath and reduce overall healthcare costs.

I have been a type two diabetic for over 25 years. Most of that time my diabetes has not been under control.  A lot had to do with my job and it’s associated stress as well as a poor/unbalanced diet.

Under Dr. Viv’s guidance and help, I lost close to 45 pounds and dropped my A1c from an 8.1 -8.4 down to a 6.0-6.2. range.  I expect my next results to be even lower.  I highly recommend Sorogi to anyone who is trying to get a better handle on their weight, blood sugar, and overall health.


– Michael P.
sorogi customer

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