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Sorogi provides physicians, hospitals, health plans, health systems, employers, and public sector providers with insights into chronic disease management along with real- world business practices to help achieve better patient outcomes, improve revenue, and reduce costs of care.

Chronic Care Management

Sorogi’s Chronic Care Management program combines three key elements to help patients manage their long-term health concerns.

Between Visit Care

Increases compliance with your recommendations between office visits;  increases the focus on general health and wellness; and increases visibility into patient health status between visits


Preventative Care

Increases compliance with recommended preventative care measures, such as flu shots; increases the ability to catch new health concerns and complications faster and sooner

Remote Care

Increases the ease of access to wellness resources, like fitness classes and support groups; lowers the barriers for engagement; and frees up providers and staff to focus on in-office visits

Implementing Chronic Care Management at Your Practice

Sorogi’s technical assistance and training  can help you successfully implement Chronic Care Management and remote monitoring in your practice.

With one in four American’s living with at least one chronic illness, it is not surprising that over 80% of primary care providers decribe themselves as at full capacity or over extended.*  Patients with complex health conditions and concerns utilize more resources, calling and coming into the office more frequently.  The additional calls and visits put a strain on front desk staff and nurses, limiting other patients ability to access healthcare resources.  This can result in a negative impact on your practice’s patient satisfaction and retention.

Practices are facing the challenges of keeping up with increased demand for healthcare and being penalized by Medicare with a potential 7% payment adjustment tied to the completion of specific quality and performance measures.

Partnering with Sorogi can act as a seamless extension of your practice and can be a valuable resource for you and your patients.

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*Key Finding from a new survey of 20,000 physicians commissioned by The Physicians Foundation