Food plays a huge part in diabetes management and prevention. In this episode, Cordialis Msora-Kasago, MA, RDN, DiplACLM, shares the benefits of having a registered dietitian as part of the care team. We explore the importance of meeting people where they are, understanding culture, access to nutritious food and personalizing meal plans that have the highest chance of success for families.

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Your Health Matters

A medium to talk freely about diabetes and related health conditions for people of African descent. An open forum for individuals to share their stories living with health conditions and hear from experts working in the field who will provide practical advice, share resources and tools to educate. Listen in as the hosts create an honest dialogue with their listeners, offering support and empowering them to live the best life possible.

It is designed as a round table discussion. Each week we are going to feature a one or two guest speakers. Discussions will focus on all things diabetes.

Dr. Viv will lead discussions on diverse topics related to diabetes management and prevention, providing the audience with practical tips to improve overall health and lessen the burden of the disease.



Dr. Vivian N. Ayuk, PharmD, CDCES

Dr. Gilbert Daniel, MD

Gwendoline Challenger-Daniel, PA 

Chinonso Ukachukwu, MPH

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