Peer support is defined as “support from a person who has knowledge from their own experiences with a disease or chronic illness. It could be a person living with or affected by the condition. The purpose of Sorogi’s support group is to provide participants with a platform to share personal experiences, challenges, and triumphs.

Benefits to Participants

  • Get and give support
  • Offer practical insights about dealing with a chronic illness(s)
  • Share challenges and distress
  • Minimize the isolation of living with or caring for a loved one with a chronic health condition.
  • Stay abreast of research, technologies, treatments, and more
  • Find someone going through the same stage of life with a chronic illness (college, complications, pregnancy, retirement)
  • Advocate for causes and resources needed to improve the life of people affected by chronic illnesses.

Our Peer Support Group Meets 

Saturday Mornings at 10:00am via Zoom