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Concierge Service is designed for individuals who are newly diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and/or hypertension and those who are struggling to manage their conditions.  The service focuses on and is tailored to address specific individual needs to ensure a solid understanding of the disease and how to manage it well.  Services are offered on a monthly basis or for our three month program.

 Concierge Services include:  a personalized welcome kit, monthly appointments with a certified diabetes educator or a pharmacist for hypertension, individual sessions with a registered dietitian, customized meal plans, training on use of remote monitoring technology, monthly remote monitoring of blood glucose levels or blood pressure readings, and a peer support network.


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Monthly Plan

Everything you need to jump-start your wellness journey.
Includes: Appointment with a Health Educator or Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist.

  • Remote Monitoring for diabetes/blood pressure ($75 value)
  • Monthly customized meal plans
  • Weekly education and peer support groups
  • Access to physical activity sessions
  • Monthly cooking demonstrations
  • Library of healthy meal recipes



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Three Month "All Inclusive" Plan

Our best value plan with everything you need for your wellness journey.

  • Sorogi Diabetes Care Kit
  • Initial assessment with recommendations
  • 2 appointments with your assigned health coach (30 minutes/session)
  • 2 sessions with Registered Dietitian (30 minutes/session)
  • Customized meal plan
  • Remote monitoring with helpful feedback
  • Access to physicial activity sessions
  • Monthly cooking demonstrations
  • Library of healthy meal recipes

Concierge Service for Diabetes

Lower A1c with blood glucose tracking and coaching.

Remote monitoring of blood glucose levels can be used to obtain information about a diabetic person’s sugar levels, symptoms, diet, and medication adherence on a daily basis.

Long term, monitoring can lead to changes in a person’s lifestyle and behavior and may be able to prevent serious complications like blindness, amputations, chronic kidney disease, and stroke.  In addition to the daily blood glucose monitoring, our diabetes educators are available for 15-30 minute calls or Skype to answer question and make recommendations

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Concierge Service for Hypertension

Prescribers recommend that people with high blood pressure use a home monitor to track their numbers.  But research suggests that home readings alone only make a small difference in getting the condition under control.

With Remote Monitoring, home readings are sent electronically to a pharmacist who reviews the readings, makes suggestions and helps educate the participant on their condition.  Remote Monitoring has shown to have a significant impact on high blood pressure with one study showing a drop in blood pressure by an extra 7 to 10 points compared to people on standard care.

The drop in blood pressure means the participants were less likely to suffer a heart attack or stroke, or develop heart failure.

To learn more about Remote Monitoring for Blood Pressure or to enroll in our latest blood pressure pilot, give us a call 202.594.9994.

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