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We are a health and wellness company committed to serving people living with chronic health conditions and the providers who care for them.  We accompany them as they journey to a healthier, more vibrant life.

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We are a healthcare company focused on improving the lives of people living with chronic diseases through education, support, and inspiration.

Our Story

The story of Sorogi begins in a community pharmacy located in the District of Columbia that serves primarily low-to modest income African American families.   Many of the pharmacy patrons live with multiple chronic health conditions, especially diabetes, hypertension, and depression.  From her neighborhood vantage point, pharmacist Dr. Vivian Nnacho Ayuk realized that more than medicine and traditional healthcare services were required to improve clinical and behavioral outcomes for her patients.   With limited resources in the community, she was determined to find solutions tailored to the needs of her customers.  She began with a focus on diabetes, a condition so prevalent in her community, by offering evidence-based Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support Services (DSMES) program.  

Her success with the program led to the pharmacy becoming the only pharmacy in the District of Columbia to be nationally accredited by the Association of Diabetes Care and Education Specialists (ACDES) as a provider of DSMES and a CDC recognized provider of the National Diabetes Prevention Program.    

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Realizing the limitations of offering the program in a Pharmacy setting, Sorogi was formed to meet the challenges of offering education and support services in community settings. Sorogi is better positioned to effectively address other chronic health conditions such as hypertension, obesity, and depression.

Today, Sorogi in partnership with the DC Department of Health and Managed Care Organizations, can reach more communities in need of a tailored and personalized approach to chronic disease management. We continue to build on our success and with the incorporation of telehealth services, we are bridging the gaps in care for patients with our proven model of care wherever they areIn addition to our work in communities of needSorogi provides technical assistance and training to healthcare staff and organizations looking to adopt technology enabled care, improve patient engagement, and make headway in reversing health inequalities. 

Our Services

Sorogi’s signature services were designed to help individuals and providers manage the challenges of chronic illness.

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Looking Ahead

Many challenges and opportunites to prevent and manage chronic health conditions lie ahead.  Sorogi has a stake in tackling them.  Through its vision and mission, it is committed to bringing solutions to populations and communities that are underserved – solutions that are based on the best research evidence, then are offered and tailored to the individual who must cope with the daily ups and downs of life.

Sorogi meets individuals where they are in life and understands the value of patience, persistence, and real-life responses to questions and difficult situations.  Sorogi understands there are cultural differences, gender and age distinctions, and education and income disparities that can raise barriers to a person’s effective management of chornic illness.  This recognition is behind the Sorogi adage: “Because we understand, we journey with you.”

Expanded Partnerships

Sorogi continues to sow the seeds to expand its programs and services in partnership with organizations that also seek better ways to manage chronic health conditions for their patients/members.  With a solid track record of reversing poor health outcomes for African-Americans and others in DC, Sorogi is expanding opportunites and extending boundaries.  Sorogi looks forward to future growth in managing and preventiong other chronic health conditions, including obesity.

Serving New Populations

While targeting underserved populations, especially African Americans, in DC, Sorogi anticipates broadening its outreach to include other at-risk populations, such as Hispanics, women of childbearing age, and older adults.  These populations can lack knowledge about specific health conditions, and have experiences that require tailored programs and services adapted to their unique lives and environments that are the special purview of Sorogi. 

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